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Firstly I must say I have no modding experience in Bioware's games whatsoever. I did do a little in Homeworld, but I don't have the patience to learn scripting languages and such.

While playing Jade Empire, aside from feeling slightly deflated at the lack of mods, I also wasn't particularly fond of the graphic for Silk Fox. I was wondering, was it easy/possible to replace Silk Fox's graphic with the one for the Princess? Without causing too much problems, that is. If you can tell me where to go and what to use to accomplish this, that would also be most excellent.

Secondly (and off-topic), does anyone find the staff style useful? Seems the sword is better because of the sweeping attacks. Staff has a long reach, but I like charging into the middle of enemies and using the sword attack to decimate them.

Finally, is it possible/easy to change the passive bonuses of ... gah I forget her name, the girl from the school who you rescue from the cave. Her, the demon girl and Sky, can you change their bonuses to include all three of the stat regen powers like the monk from ghost-Dirge? I think sky does the focus regen, the demon does health and the girl from school does spirit, I'm hoping to get all three all the time. Also, to give both Sagacious Zu and Silk Fox both the + martial/weapon style bonuses. I think Sagacious gives you weapon bonuses and Silk Fox gives you martial style bonus.

Thanks in advance.
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