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Originally Posted by Eisenhower
I was wondering, was it easy/possible to replace Silk Fox's graphic with the one for the Princess?
It's possible, but does have a somewhat quirky side-effect. To do it, open the appearance.2da file with a text-editor. On the lines with row label 35 and 201, change the value in the MODELA column from (35) N_Silk_ to N_Prnces_ and (201) N_SilkNM_ to N_Prnces_ respectively. This will switch out the character model.

However, since some of the textures for this model only exists in the module where you first land in the Imperial City you'll need to extract those files and place them in the override folder to be globally available.

I don't remember exactly what files you need, but extract h_prnces01.txb, n_prnces01.txb and n_prnces_.mdx from a_300-a.rim and n_prnces_.mdl from a300.rim into your override folder (skip any files that already exists there though, you only need the ones that aren't already there, and the already existing ones are probably higher resolution). You can use JEFindRes for this, just search for *_prnces* and it should list all the relevant files.

The above mentioned quirk you should be aware of though is that the Princess model has no impact hooks. This means that it's impossible for enemies to hit her with melee attacks, so she'll never sustain any damage from melee grunts.

Originally Posted by Eisenhower
Secondly (and off-topic), does anyone find the staff style useful? Seems the sword is better because of the sweeping attacks.
The staff style does seem to be of the "mildly useless when used by you, very annoying when used against you" variety, at least by more than one enemy.

Originally Posted by Eisenhower
Finally, is it possible/easy to change the passive bonuses of ... gah I forget her name, the girl from the school who you rescue from the cave.
"Only one man would dare give me the raspberries... DAWNSTAR!"

*Ahem*... Yes, it's possible to change what effect the support styles of the various party members have. To use Dawnstar an an example, open the dstar.2da file. This file defines Dawnstar's character progression as you go up in levels. Look for the supporteffect column, the number listed here is a line number in the effects.2da file.

It's 46 for Dawnstar, which points to the EFFECT_MODSTATOVERTIME line in effects.2da. This is a multipurpose effects though, and the supporteffectparam column in dstar.2da specifies more exactly what it does. To determine what the parameter value means we need to look up what sort of parameters the EFFECT_MODSTATOVERTIME effect takes.

This is determined by the value in the 2da column in effects.2da, which is set to 86 for this particular effect. This number in turn is a reference to a line number in the 2das.2da file, which essentially lists the names of other 2da files that contain parameter info. Looking up line 86 in 2das.2da it says modstatovertime in the file column, which means the modstatovertime.2da file is used.

The supporteffectparam column value back from dstar.2da is thus a line number in the modstatovertime.2da file. That column had the value set to 2 for dawnstar, and looking at line 2 we see that, sure enough, it's set to RECOVERCHI_1. To make a long story short, look down to line 4 and you'll see RECOVERALLSTATS_1, which is what Abbot Song uses. To make Dawnstar do the same, change the value in the dstar.2da file in the supporteffectparam column to 4 for all rows in the file.

To change what the support style does for other party members you use the similar approach, but use their specific 2da file instead of dstar.2da (sfox.2da, chaika.2da etc...).

You can even change what their support style does entirely by changing the value in the supporteffect column. You should probably stick to "over time" effects listed in effects.2da if you do though. Or you could make their support style either increase in potency or do different things as they level up by setting different values in their columns for the different lines in the dstar.2da (and other follower 2DAs).


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