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Originally Posted by Quanon
There are a lot of alien models already from Jabba's palace and the Catina :

Gamorean , piggys
Walrusman ( don't know their real species name)

and that weird "two in one" alien + those used mainly for the Vulkar thugs ( can't rember the name )

But it wouldn't hurt to have more of them , and mainly in your party .

Its just very dull that in both games you don't have the choice to be an alien yourself or to have more of them in your party .

MORE ALIEN types please
There is a difference between interesting aliens, and aliens that would work nicely into the story without being allien for alien's sake. So, getting a calamari, transtodian or even a yassum as a party member might make sense, but not a bananaman or speac slug. Plus, more weird models means more modeling done for development, time which can be used for other stuff. Aliens done with a simple headswap is good and everything, some overly exortic alien that exists onl in a few scenes though, might not worth the effort if it does not pivot the story in some way that is related to its uniqueness.
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