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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
There is a difference between interesting aliens, and aliens that would work nicely into the story without being allien for alien's sake. So, getting a calamari, transtodian or even a yassum as a party member might make sense, but not a bananaman or speac slug. Plus, more weird models means more modeling done for development, time which can be used for other stuff. Aliens done with a simple headswap is good and everything, some overly exortic alien that exists onl in a few scenes though, might not worth the effort if it does not pivot the story in some way that is related to its uniqueness.
Ofcourse , I just wished there where some more alien NPC in your party or the chance to have them .

I can see your point , it would indeed be a waste of time to fully animate and model a sort monster/alien that just appears for a minute in a cut-scene .

Besides I think the list is long enough for mere background NPC's .

But Bioware did a nice job on the Manaan fishhead Selkaths , nice design and a great addition to the list of SW aliens.

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