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Originally Posted by Cataflexia
The Star Wars - Pod Racer have a problem with the new video cards. It shows a white screen when I enter a race to play.

I looking for some patch (Only exist for Mac) but Lucas Arts not have interest to give support to Pod Racer game and the Old Games less.

I love Pod Racer, but nobody help for the cause.

See ya! from Chile.
We had the same problem as you for many many years. But recently we found a patch for it that fixed it (for PC) :-D
You just go to lucasarts FTP download SWEP1RCR.EXE and replace it with the original... and voila... it works again :-D

I just need to get it to work online now... somehow... have really tried a lot now, and nothing so far works for me.

Best Regards from Denmark
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