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Reference: Lists of Cutscene Movies

Here is a list of the K1 movies:
0a.bik          Tatooine Starmap Vision
0b.bik          Manaan Starmap Vision
0c.bik          Kashyyyk Starmap Vision
0d.bik          Korriban Starmap Vision
01a.bik         Opening Movie
01c.bik         Endar Spire Escape Pod Movie
01f.bik         Bastila Fighting Dark Jedi Vision
01g.bik         Swoop Bike (?) Crash & Burn
02.bik          Bastila Fighting Revan Vision
03.bik          Leviathan Orbiting Planet
05.bik          Leviathan Orbiting Planet 2
05_1c.bik       Ebon Hawk Escaping Taris
05_2a.bik       Dantooine Landing
05_2c.bik       Leaving Dantooine
05_3a.bik       Tatooine Landing
05_3c.bik       Leaving Tatooine
05_4a.bik       Kashyyyk Landing
05_4c.bik       Leaving Kashyyyk
05_5a.bik       Manaan Landing
05_5c.bik       Leaving Manaan
05_7a.bik       Korriban Landing
05_7c.bik       Leaving Korriban
05_8a.bik       Unknown Planet Landing
05_8c.bik       Leaving Unknown Planet
05_8e.bik       G-Wing Leaving Unknown Planet
05_9.bik        Ebon Hawk Approaching Star Forge
05r.bik         Leviathan in Space
06a.bik         Leviathan Firing on Taris
07_1.bik        Ebon Hawk In Space
07_2.bik        Ebon Hawk In Space
07_3.bik        Ebon Hawk In Space (under fire)
07_4.bik        Ebon Hawk In Space (under fire)
08.bik          Ebon Hawk Hyperspace Jump
09.bik          Dantooine Revan/Malak Vision
11a.bik         Ebon Hawk Chased by Fighters
11b.bik         Ebon Hawk Victorious
17.bik          Ebon Hawk Captured by Leviathan
17a.bik         Ebon Hawk Escaping Leviathan
22a.bik         Kashyyyk Descent
22b.bik         Kashyyyk Ascent
23a.bik         Manaan Sub Descent
23b.bik         Manaan Sub Ascent
26a.bik         Manaan Kolto Harvester Explosion
26b.bik         Manaan Seabeast Poisoned
31a.bik         Combination of Various Visions (Revelation scene)
33.bik          Ebon Hawk Approaching Star Forge 2
43.bik          Ebon Hawk Boarding Star Forge
50.bik          Republic Star Forge Victory
50b.bik         Republic Ships in Space
51.bik          Sith Fighters Attacking Republic Ships
51b.bik         Republic Fighters Destroyed
54.bik          Republic/Sith Space Battle
54b.bik         Sith Fighter Destroys Republic Cruiser
55.bik          Star Forge with Huge Sith Fleet
56.bik          Star Forge Destroyed
56b.bik         Star Forge Exploding
LIVE_1a.bik     Yavin Station Approach
Live_1c.bik     Leaving Yavin Station
repcom.bik      Republic Commando Trailer
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