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Skin Loading Problem

I recently found a model that I decided to skin, and successfully built it and got it working (as far as I can tell), but I had to load it with the /model command.
There is no icon that will let me choose the skinned model. Could any of you tell me what is wrong? I'm on a Mac, and I did the skinning using the yoda_ghost shader that I modified to shade the model as a ghost with 3 colors(for team play and free for all): green for default, red for red, and blue for blue. This is my first skin as well, and I'm worried that I got in over my head. I have a fully compiled (and uncompiled, if needed) file with the team colors, and three compiled (and uncompiled) files with the individual colors that I used to test with (though they suffer the same problem of not showing without the /model command). I would like to release this skin, but if I can't get this to show up, then I won't release it. Please help!
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