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Jyot had the loud speakers on in engineering, so that, one, he could hear the captain or Nasai shout any orders at him in case he was near any shielded areas on the ship where his comlink speaker might cut out, and, two, so he could hear the gunners and/or Headshot talk and get a better picture of the battle. After all, there weren't any viewports in the engineering section of the ship.

Jyot had just increased power to the rear deflectors when the ship took a few good hits, nearly rocking him off his feet.

He heard Headshot get a compliment from the captain, the captain saying there was still more than one fighter out there, Latch make a comment on Nasai's piloting ability, Nasai's quick retort, and then....

"Arelyn," Latch shouted, "watch your six, bogey incoming!"

"Oh, yeah, sure," Jyot grumbled to himself, as he adjusted the power flow between the engines and the shields for maximum effect. "A Tiss'Shar gets to watch her six, and I get chewed out by the captain for just asking if her shoulder still hurts. Not fair!"

The ship rocked again, and this time, a piece of conduit for the cooling system ruptured, causing steamy coolant to jet out through the crack. As he wrestled with turning off the valve to shut the coolant off in that section of piping, Jyot quickly pushed his comlink.

"Hey, Latch! Never mind watching her six, watch ours! Another hit like that and we're going to be kriffin' toast!"

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