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Originally Posted by Niner_777
I've never seen that. Though I did kill Luke on Tatooine be making him follow me out of the border of the map. Eventually, he died from being off of the battlefield too long. Unfortunatly, I soon followed. I was in too deep. lol
thats such a simple idea i cant beleive i never thought of that

i have killed jedi using the same methods by running them over or blowing them off edges, but i want to ask has anyone else got it to say "(whatever your screen name is) has killed darth vader(luke skywalker etc)" in my case "jamie has killed darth vader" i play on the ps2 version

and i have also noticed the jedi just dying randomly and i think it is because of the reiforcement count dropping below 20

but the jedi are reely annoying on bespin platforms( my favourite level by far) because they block the tunnels and even if you do get past there are about 10 troops to blast past

and has anyone else noticed that when the opposing teams reiforcement count drops below 20 on platforms that the troops just jump out of the ships in mid air and you just see ton of TIE fighters etc falling down
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