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Originally Posted by Ham Yoyo
I agree. It still has that dated look. Also wherever you shoot a bad guy it always takes a few hit to bring him down. I miss in JO and JA where you can shoot a bad guy in the head, stomach or arm and he has a different reaction to each one. But the JKE will get me back to playing it a little but not all the time like I did when it was new.
Just a nitpick, but the "one shot, one kill" stuff really only occurs in Jedi Academy. Jedi Outcast (JK2) had no heat shots, so a shot to the face does the same damage as a shot to the foot. JA was the first and only game in the series to feature area specific damage...

And there are plenty of high damage ways to kill people in one or two hits in JK/MotS anyway, so it's not a big deal, I don't see why people complain.

As for seperate animations of people being hit in different body parts, I'd have to double check all the games again to see about that. I didn't think it really mattered. There's already various pre-set death animation poses in all the games. The only difference was in JA you could enable the experimental "ragdoll" physics (that were a bit buggy in MP), which just affected the way the dead body draped itself around the architecture as it laid there (and how you could keep hitting the dead bodies in SP to make them move around, but not as much as in say, UnrealTech games).

The sheer speed and variety of JK/MotS in multiplayer is what kept me playing it (and would keep me playing it, if I had the time, even over more graphically modern games like Jedi Academy).

The character select thing is goofed because it's a coded thing. The engine renders the character select screen differently than it does the models in gameplay. Despite this, it's pretty easy to tell which character you are, you just don't get to "preview" them in full clarity before you dive into a map with them.

There was also (last I checked) a glitch in the MotS unofficial patch, so that the Rail Detonator and the Veamon chest are goofed up (the Veamon looks like his shirt is torn open, the Rail Detonator looks more plain because it uses the textures from the stock of the gun instead of the whole texture map) when using JKE (these glitches occur in JKE for JK as well, but only if you forgot to apply the JK unofficial patch). Also, you don't see the re-modeled Sequencer Charge (mines) in hand, with JKE MotS, because MotS modified the mines (for the manual detonation option).

The levels really aren't a big deal, but yes, some of the wall textures are pixelated. Still, the action is so fast, unless you're standing around staring at walls. After a short time you get used to it.

There was an application posted on Massasi a long time ago that "fixed" the MotS (and JK too iirc) world textures so that they would be converted to 16 bit (and were smoothed out and darkened slightly), but I don't know if it's compatible with JKE (you could try it of course).

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