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"Arelyn," Latch shouted, "watch your six, bogey incoming!"

"Acknowledged," Arelyn replied curtly, hauling her guns downward. Sure enough, a Tiss'Shar fighter skittered between her crosshairs. Adjusting her aim to point at the nose of the fighter, she let loose a barrage of blaster bolts that peppered the enemy craft, ripping into the fuselage and blowing out both of its engines. She had very little time to appreciate her handiwork, however. The Tiss'Shar had managed to fire off a concussion missile before Arelyn had destroyed it and now the orange projectile was streaking right for her turret.

"Bloody hell," she swore as she squeezed the triggers on her guns, trying to hit the missile before it impacted. It kept getting closer and closer, her shots straying off to the side as it moved faster than any fighter craft was capable of. Finally she managed to connect, sending the missle wobbling for a few moments before it exploded a few dozen meters away. Despite the shielding, Arelyn was still buffetted by the force of the explosion, her cannon controls yanking themselves out of her hands. A console to her side ruptured, showering her with sparks of white hot electricity. She swore again as she righted herself again, groaning painfully as the harness dug into her skin. "Karking son of a bantha!" she yelled, grabbing hold of her controls again and bringing them to bear again. Just then another fighter flitted across her sights and she moved the cannon again to follow it, squeezing the triggers. But no blaster bolts came from the muzzles of her guns. "What the..." she said as she punched at diagnostic screen. "Sithspawn, damn thing is out."

Arelyn spotted her headset on the floor and grabbed for it. Setting it on her head, she thumbed it on, noticing her gloved fingers were red. Frowning, she touched the side of her head with her other hand. It also came away red. "This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?" she muttered. Keying in a frequency, she said, "Jyot, I've got a problem. My turret cannon is down."
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