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Three left, Headshot thought to himself as he blew another fighter to bits. He pitched upward towards another fighter who attempting to gain ground for another strafe on the Scimitar. Headshot gunned his throttle in an attempt to catch it before its turn, although left it low enough so he could dodge the debris. Headshot then began to open fire and attempt to hit the enemy fighter as they danced through the debris. This panicked the enemy pilot, as it began to increase speed to an unhealthy level in an attempt to shake him. They spun around the debris of a cargo ship to immediately find another destroyed cargo ship. Headshot was lucky: He was able to pull up in time to dodge the ship. He did receive a scratch or two though from flying through the other fighter's explosion though.

"And then there was two," Headshot reported over the comn as he headed for a fighter making a run on the Scimitar.
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