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Originally Posted by Reclaimer
You'll find that often on Halo PC. I killed a whole clan of people and the kept calling me a bunch of stuff. People hate losing too much I guess.
I've noticed. Still, it's not just killing them that makes them go nuts. It can be they killed me, I said something (it doesn't matter what I said, it can be anything, and I mean anything, these people will start bashing other players about ANYTHING.) Sometimes I wonder if Halo attracts these weird racist angry people. Oh by the way, I'm impressed you killed a whole clan What's your username on Halo PC if you still play?

On a side note, I just bought another semi-old game, the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for PS2.... and it is so fun Especially when I found out the cows were invincible. I must have spent a half an hour continuously beating on cows. THEY DON'T DIE! You don't know fun until you kill a jet by throwing a cow at it

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