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It wasn't too long after Jyot's complaint to Latch that the ship rocked violently. Concussion missile, Jyot thought, as steam shot out of another ruptured conduit and sparks shot out of a circuit control panel on the nearby wall.

"Aw, kriffin' hell!" he cursed, putting on his protective gloves.

Arelyn's voice came over the loudspeakers. "Jyot, I've got a problem."

Jyot rolled his eyes as he reached blindly into the steam cloud where he knew the shutoff valve should be. The engine's overheating and she thinks she's got problems?

"My turret cannon is down," Arelyn continued.

Jyot's face fell. Crap. That is a problem. "Hang tight, Arelyn," he said to her through his comlink. The steam cloud had begun to thin with the valve finally being shut off and now Jyot could see the problem. The power to Arelyn's turret's controls was supplied through the damaged circuit panel that was sparking in front of him. "I'll see what I can...."

He had started to reroute the power to the turret control panel, but then an alarm starting to clang. There was another problem. A bigger problem. With no controls to regulate it, the capacitor for the turret's cannon was overcharging. Even if he cut all power to the turret right now, there was still a chance that it might explode.

"Arelyn! Get out of there!" Jyot yelled into the com as he cut all power to the turret save the airlock doors. "Get out of that turret, and close the airlock! Now! Right now!"

Without waiting for her response, Jyot immediately began to increase the shielding in that area of the ship in case the turret did explode.

"Captain!" Jyot shouted into the com. "Areyln's turret's out of commission!"

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