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[TSL] List of Cutscene Movies

When i saw that vornskrsrevenge posted [K1] Reference: List of Cutscene Movies i got the idea to make a TSL Version.

Two Guys that i want to thank:
vornskrsrevenge For making The K1 list. Without him no of this would be made by me.
MindTwistah Who helped me with names of things in k2 ( It is has been a long time since the last time i played k2)

Anyway here is the List
DanMov01            Dantooine arrival 
DanMov02            Leaving Dantooine 
KhoMov01            Turrets Shooting
KhoMov02            Turrets Destroys 
KhoMov03            Mechenaries Running Over A Bridge ( Some Dies )
KhoMov04            Mechenaries Running Over A Bridge ( All survives )
KhoMov05            Mechenaries Fighting Militia 
KhoMov06            Mechenaries Running Over A Bridge ( Almost all dies )

Dxun and Onderon:
OndMov03            Dxun Landing
OndMov04            Leaving Dxun
OndMov05            Onderon Shuttle Arrival
OndMov06            Leaving Onderon Shuttle 
OndMov07            Onderon Basilisk War Droid Arrival
OndScn01            Ebon Hawk Arrival Onderon Space Battle
OndScn02            Space Battle Begins
OndScn03            Ebon Hawk Escapes Space Battle 

KorMov01            Korriban Arrival 
KorMov02            Leaving Korriban 

Nar Shaddaa:
NarMov01            Nar Shaddaa Arrival
NarMov02            Leaving Nar Shaddaa
NarMov03            Gotos Yacht In Space
NarMov04            The Ravanger In Space
NarMov05            Gotos Yacht Follows Ebon Hawk
NarMov06            Ebon Hawk Captured by Gotos Yacht
NarMov07            Ebon Hawk Escapes Gotos Yacht and Gotos Yacht Is Destroyed 

Near Game Ending:
MalMov01a            Telos Space Arrival
MalMov01b            Sith ships arrival
MalMov02             The Ravager In Space
MalMov03             Republic Ships arrival
MalMov04             Shuttle docking The Ravager 
MalMov05             The Ravager Destroys 
MalMov07             Malachor Arrival
MalMov08             Ebon Hawk Crashes On Malachor
MalMov09             Ebon Hawk Falls Into The Planet Core
MalMov10             Kriea Gets Thrown Into Malachor's Core 
MalMov11a            Malachor's Core is destroyed 
MalMov11b            Ebon Hawk Escapes Malachor
MalMov12             Lightside Ending and Credits
MalMov14             Darkside Ending and Credits

PerMov01             Game Intro And Ebon Hawk In Space
PerMov02             Ebon Hawk Peragus Arrival 
PerMov03             Harbinger Docks On Peragus
PerMov04             Ebon Hawk Turret Game Starts 
PerMov05             Leaving Peragus And Harbinger Follows Ebon Hawk
PerMov06             Harbinger Destroys Peragus 
PerMov07             Ebon Hawk Destroys Peragus 

TelMov01             Telos Arrival
TelMov02             Leaving Telos 
TelMov03             Shuttle Leaving Telos City
TelMov04             Shuttle In Telos Atmosphere
TelMov05             Turrets Shooting Shuttle
TelMov06             Shuttle Crash
TelMov07             Leaving Underground Base
TelMov11             HK-50 Shoots Shuttle
TelMov12             Shuttle Gets Hit and Crash
TelMov14             Leaving Telos Secret Academy
TelMov15             Secret Academy Arrival

Credits               Credits
leclogo               Lucasarts logo 
Legal                 Loading picture
HypMov01              Hyperspace Jump
ObsidianEnt           Obsidian Logo
KreMov01              Darth Nihilus and Sion Beats Kriea  
ScnMov01              Visa Gets The Mission To Find The Exile
Trailer               Kotor 2 Trailer

Mod note: Copied from this thread to make it easier to find. ~M

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