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ok i tried it again last night, still nothing. here is what i did. i uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it. i then applied the MOTS patch. i got a message saying the patch was complete or installed properly, press any key to continue. then renamed the gob file and put the JKE folder and the jke.bat in the MOTS fold that is on my hard drive under the lucasarts folder. when i click on the the bat file to launch it (i do the same for JK and it works) the game doesn't open. a rectangular box opens briefly but closes as soon as it opens. i did notice there are some program files that are on JKE and not MOTS shoul di be using the COGTEXT program? or the JK-extension.dll? also i noticed on the JKHUB there is a new updated patch for JK should i apply this to my JK or will the old patch i already have on there be fine to keep running JKE?
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