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Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
Tsshhh.... Some people will not be happy! Be grateful GL released the original trilogy remastered on DVD!
If by "remastered" you mean, "13 year old Laserdisc tape masters copied to DVD in non-anamorphic letterbox" then yeah... I guess we should be grateful!

I'm glad they exist at all, after Lucas' repeated denials that they'd ever see the light of day, but that doesn't mean I still can't complain because of the poor treatment they've gotten. This is 2007, not 1997! DVD has standards...

Anyway, watch the Prequels last, as they were meant to be seen. Don't judge the first movie by the special effects standards of 28 years later...

The original Star Wars is a delightful adventure story, charming fantasy, and fun sci fi romp. There's no need to keep touching it up.

I agree with some others though, I'd much rather that Lucas just release a nice pristine restoration of the original 1977 theatrical movie (with the three original soundtracks preserved in excellent quality) in anamorphic widescreen, and then he can do whatever he wants.

I'd also say I'd much rather he just remake the movie from scratch than continually chip away at a masterpiece and classic film by adding more CG crap, tinkering with the colors and altering stuff in it every few years for a quick cash-in.

If it came to seeing it in the theater again, I'd much rather see the original cleaned up and restored properly, than the ugly, botched 2004 edition. :P

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