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Originally Posted by Xbob42
Aside from tickling, surely there must be some purpose? Every other item has a crucial role at least once, I think the feather is hiding a great secret from us.
I have a theory but I need to check it out.
SPOILERS!! Don't read this if you haven't been to the Milkman Conspiracy level yet.
I'm assuming they want you to use the first feather just like you used the feather in the Milkman Conspiracy. In the GPC there's a crow near the high boulder that the Telescope (Scavenger Hunt item) is on. My theory is you're supposed to use Clairvoyance on the first feather to see through that crow's eyes so you can locate this Scavenger Hunt item that's high and out of sight. That would make sense.
What's odd, though, is how far you have to go into the game before you can use this feature. Pretty much everything that you need in the game comes along as you need it or are supposed to use it. There are a couple of exceptions. You have to come back to the GPC once you've gained Invisibility to get the Golden Acorn from the squirrel. You also have to come back to the GPC once you have the Shield power (after Lungfishopolis) to get the Miner's Skull that's stuck in the geyser/hot springs. So maybe you're supposed to come back to the GPC when you get Clairvoyance in the Milkman Conspiracy and use it on the feather just like you did in Boyd's mind/level.
Another odd thing is that, as I've posted in the pinned "Glitches/Easter Egg" discussion, you can reach the Telescope in the GPC without any of Raz's mental powers. You can also reach it once you get Levitation so you don't need to wait until you have Clairvoyance.
Maybe it's there to help game players who haven't figured out where the Telescope is.
I'll go through the game again (go ahead, force me!) to see if my theory is true.
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