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Lightbulb Solve Puzzle to Progress - Yavin: Jedi Academy

Originally Posted by R4Roger05
I beat the level, however the way that I got through the door was by just keeping on moving them around till it opened. I think that you guys might be thinking that this is Jedi Academy, rather it is the Jedi Academy level on Jedi Outcast.
But thanks for your advice.

-- !Greetings! --

(This may be an odd place to "break my LF cherry", but I'm compelled to say something...)

I realize that this post has cobwebs dangling about, but in case you've yet to figure this thing out (replay), or if it mayhaps can help out someone else, here's your answer:


The Objective - Solve Puzzle to Progress.

The Obvious - Look at the symbol on the wall, and find it's counterpart on the line of stones that is on the ground beneath it.

The Obscure - At each end of the lines of stones (that is, both sides of the corridor in which this puzzle lies), you will note a small mark on the ground (if memory serves, it may be an arrow--or, it may not; a "mark", nonetheless), which is pointing at the center row of each line. You'll want to Force Push each line of stones so that the corresponding symbol is in the center row, where the mark is pointing.

The Outline - Use Force Push to get each corresponding symbol on the ground lined up with the mark (i.e. the center row).


So, there you have it; I truly hope that is of some help to *somebody*, if not to you.



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