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Originally Posted by Jedi MasterRoot
Well Revan is "officially" a male as stated by George Lucas, they just gave the female players a chance to play as their own gender and the exile has so many different avalable looks it would be hard to voice your opinion on which head you specifically liked.
Now don't be so quick to make assumptions like that...

I myself may play with Male Revan more but I like to mix things up with the game every once and a while...

My brother and cousin however... well, they always play with a female Revan.

Although... whether that has to do with them liking the dialogue and change in gameplay... or... something else... Is a different story.

Alas... My votes are for Visas (The best I might add... ) and Bastila (I willing to bet that, that Dark-Side phase definitely loosened her up).

Although... Juhani has a good personality... Resiliance is a good trait to have... and her "F*** off I can fend for myself... but I appriciate your concern" attitude along with her, "I'm going to put a boot in bigotry's mouth" in addition to her utter lack of self-righteousness that Jedi are known for...

Really made me put one fist into the air and crack a smile. Juhani's pretty cool... people need to give the gal some time...

Dark Side and Light Side

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