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Now how did the Sith Spirits come up with the name? I guess they are probably getting it from one of those "baby names" website from goggle.

Originally Posted by JawaJoey
There are plenty of explanations for the etymology of Vader and most character's names, but the question, I think, is how did Palpatine come up with it.

How do you name a child? You just come up with a good name. This was the same, except instead of a baby, he was a Sith.
Well, there is no "Book of Baby Sith Names" found on So it must be hard naming your lil' Sith.

Well, actually rather than coming up with a nice sounding name, it does help to check on words with similar meaning, ESPECIALLY words that sound similar in the language. You ton'w want your kid to be made fun of fore the rest of his life. Cause you know, it is REQUIRED for everyone to make fun of a stupid name.
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