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Question Sashas bad taste

hi i'm new to the forum but i've been reading around here for a while. also, i've been playing psychonauts for a while, which is the reason i post this.
anyway, there's a thing i observed on which i wanted to hear your opinion
(actually there's two things, but for that see my other threat) .

you surley will remember the ugly lamps Sasha Nein shows to you when he introduces you to the psi-blast. he really dislikes their design, but then, and this is confusing me, why is his psycho-portal-door-thing of a very similar design? i remember the portal of Coach Oleander being in this camouflage-style, so the portals appearance seems to be a matter of choice (or fashion?) to the owner.

so this doesn't make sense to me... do you have any ideas ?

p.s.: please excuse any spelling, grammar or vocabulary mistakes, i'm german
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