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Jyot's jaw dropped at Arelyn's response. He had shut down the power to the turret capacitor, but the charge was still at a dangerously high level.

"Just restar...?" He rolled his eyes. "Arelyn, I can't restart it," he snapped into the comlink. "That's the problem! Your turret gun is overcharged, and with the control circuits shot, so there's no way to discharge it. It could blow, Arelyn, so get out of there! Let Latch and Headshot take care of business out there."

As sparks flew again from the damaged control panel, his eyes narrowed. The Mistryl was stubborn. Maybe some other type of tactic was needed. "Or are you being obstinate just so that I'll come up there and personally drag you out?" He grinned wryly. "Hey, if that's the way you want it, so be it. I'm always up for something new. Though, there are easier ways of getting to know each other...."

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