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Originally Posted by stoffe
By the same note I imagine people enjoying reading novels should just read the newspaper instead for some real drama, and people who watch horror movies should go out and put themselves in real situations where they have a real reason to get spooked? Etc...

I don't see why fantasy and reality would have to be mutually exclusive. A pretty picture is still pretty even if it's drawn or 3D rendered and not a photography, and you have seen something prettier with your own eyes.

Personally I don't think any of the KOTOR characters fulfill the criteria, but I have certainly seen characters in some games or rendered/cartoon movies that aren't hard to look at.
I totally agree with your points Stoffe, i was just merely trying to explain (obviously in a stupid confusing way) that it's alright to think the image is "pretty" but not to the point of that becoming an obsession. The Kotor characters are quite hard to look at, especially Juhani! I suppose there are characetrs in games that can be "appealing to the eye", such as maybe Ayami or Rin from the Tenchu series or Kasumi from DOA. I wasn't trying to flame anyone with my post, just trying to express my opinion on this matter.
Originally Posted by Sabretooth
You beat me to it, stoffe!

The threadmaker only asks, who you think is hotter, not whether if you're having uncontrollable sexual fantasies about a character. If you find finding a video game character hot geeky, I wonder why you play KotOR in the first place! Go get yourself some real role-playing and adventure! Go bash some terrorists or go from one end of the country to the other while maintaining a balance of as close as $10 as possible or something.
For the record i think you have just completely misunderstood my point, i'm not trying to say "get a life" to anyone whom likes a computer game character; you can certainly admire the way they look i suppose in ways but that's alright just as long as it doesn't turn into obsession; i understand the threadmakers point but i am analysing this with my opinion, a fact of ilfe that everyone is entilted to. I only play Kotor sometimes when there is nothing else to do, on the whole i don't play videogames that much as IMO the majority do not interest me and i feel i have better things to be doing than sitting in front of a screen. Therefore, Sabretooth, if your trying to express me as a "geek" then you are very wrong.

That Aside; As far as roleplaying goes, Kotor would be far down in my list of all time favourites anyway, i much prefer the likes of NeverWinter Nights or Oblivion etc, Kotor is too basic as a whole for me IMO. But when i do play video games i tend to stick to more RTS games or startegy orientated FPS games (such as the likes of Half-Life II) My overall point Sabretooth is that i tend to play games for gameplay, not pretty visuals as that is what makes up a good game IMO.

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