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Nasai continued to fly the ship around, over and through the pieces of debris trying to evade the fire of the Tiss’shar fighters. He continued heading for the atmosphere of the smuggler moon in the hope that the Scimitar could lose the Hostiles.

"Captain!" Jyot shouted into the com. "Areyln's turret's out of commission!"

“Five hells.” Tannis exclaimed looking at the sensors. There were only two more left and both were flying in what had becoming blind spots. One had been flying directly behind the ship so Latch wouldn’t be able to lock without hitting the tail of the ship while the other had decided to fly where Areyln’s targeting arc was. He thought for a moment and reached for the comm unit. “Jyot we need full power to the ventral thrusters.”

“I’m on it Tannis.” Jyot replied.

“Nas, head directly towards a piece of debris.” The captain ordered.

“I know what you’re planning.” The pilot stated. “and it didn’t work so well last time.”

“Just do it.”

The scimitar turned slightly and the ship began to travel at fall speed towards a large piece of debris. The Tiss’shar fighter also sped up following close behind them, when the Scimitar was close enough Tannis gave the word and Jyot put full power to the thrusters under the ship. The each ignited and caused the ship to shoot straight up and missed the piece of debris, the fighter on the other hand was not prepared and flew into it.

“Latch get ready to blo the last one we’re going to spin the ship and give you a clear shot.” Alec explained to his gunner through the comm unit. With that Nasai rolled the ship so Latch’s turret could get a clear shot on the last hostile fighter.
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