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Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
For the record i think you have just completely misunderstood my point, i'm not trying to say "get a life" to anyone whom likes a computer game character; you can certainly admire the way they look i suppose in ways but that's alright just as long as it doesn't turn into obsession; i understand the threadmakers point but i am analysing this with my opinion, a fact of ilfe that everyone is entilted to. I only play Kotor sometimes when there is nothing else to do, on the whole i don't play videogames that much as IMO the majority do not interest me and i feel i have better things to be doing than sitting in front of a screen. Therefore, Sabretooth, if your trying to express me as a "geek" then you are very wrong.

That Aside; As far as roleplaying goes, Kotor would be far down in my list of all time favourites anyway, i much prefer the likes of NeverWinter Nights or Oblivion etc, Kotor is too basic as a whole for me IMO. But when i do play video games i tend to stick to more RTS games or startegy orientated FPS games (such as the likes of Half-Life II) My overall point Sabretooth is that i tend to play games for gameplay, not pretty visuals as that is what makes up a good game IMO.
I don't think anybody on the planet (or atleast the average geek) is "obsessed" enough to want to have sex with a video game character and no one else. We are only having a bit of fun and asking who looks better and hotter. Also, note that I didn't express you as a geek, but quite the contrary. Read my post again.

Now, my final point is that you are wrong in saying that anyone can "have the hots" for a VG character in the first place, because I frankly find that impossible on a realistic scale. The KotOR characters may have been hard to look at, but didn't you find them even a little bit interesting on the sexiness side? There's more to sex than looks, you know.

Or, so I think. <_< >_> Don't look at me like that.

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