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Latch gulped as the ship lurched upward in another crazy manuever. The intertial dampeners did their job, reducing most of the g-forces, but that still didn't stop Latch from feeling like his stomach just leapt up into his throat. He could hear the ship creak in protest and idly wondered if it would hold up against the strain.

"Latch get ready to blow the last one. We’re going to spin the ship and give you a clear shot," Alec's voice told him from his headset.

"Great, more spinning," Latch responded sarcastically as he tightened his grip on the yoke. Sure enough, the Scimitar rolled and turned belly-up, revealing the oncoming enemy fighter to Latch. Sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth, he lined up his sights and made a few adjustments, then fired a single volley at the Tiss'Shar craft. He grinned viciously as his blaster shots punched their way through the cockpit, vaporizing the pilot and sending the fighter floating off into space. "Scratch two, and that's all she wrote."
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