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"Hey, if that's the way you want it, so be it. I'm always up for something new. Though, there are easier ways of getting to know each other...."

"Do you ever turn it off, Tyrell?" Arelyn snapped as she shut the panel she was working on and hauled herself up. Just then the ship twisted violently, sending her flying into another control panel. Twisting her body, she absorbed the impact on her good shoulder. It wasn't that hard, but still enough to send an instant ache down the length of her arm. She sprang forward quickly, reaching the hatch of her turret and slipped outside, shutting the door behind her. Grabbing hold of a handle on an adjacent bulkhead, she held on for dear life as the ship continued to manuever furiously.

Only when the ship leveled out of a good minute or two did she release her grip on the handle. She frowned in disgust as she saw the bloody handprints she'd made on it with her gloves. Punching a nearby comm station, she said, "Tanis, I hope this is all over now, because I'm off to the damn sickbay."
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