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What I'd like to see in Lego Star Wars:The Complete Saga is:

1.Attacking AI for allies, in other words have it so your ally NPCs can attack

2.Some sort of duel or battle mode where you can fight a character of your choosing or fight a friend in a 1 on 1 duel

3.More damaging lightsabers (in the games lightsabers do no more damage than the blasters)

4.Punches and kicks for Jedi (each Jedi/Sith could have a melee attack at the end of one of his power combos, like how Luke can do a kick on one of his power combos)

5.Faster Framerates

6.Less restricted customization of characters (when you want to give them hair, you can only give pink hair, can't give them jetpacks or thermal detonators or Boba's gun, why couldn't we have Darth Vaders chest piece, or make our character use Sidious's lightning)

7.Everything currently planned for the game.

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