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Carrying a large tool box in one hand and another piece of equipment in the other,Jyot had just come into the common room just in time to overhear the last few words the Captain was saying to Aerlyn.

"...Ill get you into a decent Med center, give you nice Bacta Bath there.

"Bacta bath?" He looked Aerlyn over, noticing the blood on her hands, then raised an eyebrow. "You sure do know how to bash yourself up, don't you?" he said to her as he maneuvered his way around both her and the Captain. "But, it could have been worse...."

Without waiting for a response from either of them,he set the tool box and the equipment on the deck just in front of Aerlyn's turret's airlock. He quickly removed a connector cable from the tool box and expertly connected one end into the equipment and the other into a wall jack next to the turret's door. Once locked into place and connected, Jyot gave Aeryln a disparaging look, then flipped a switch on the equipment.

As the turret cannon released its overcharge, the ship gave a sudden but gentle lurch and a loud rumble could be heard from behind the turret door.

"That could have been you, Aerlyn," Jyot said with all seriousness to Aerlyn, and he nodded to the turret door. "Just a big ball of discharged plasma." He disconnected the cable and began to repack it into his tool box. "Next time I tell you to get out," he continued without looking at her, "get out."

He looked up at her then, and with a quick but guarded look at Tanis, said, "And no, I don't ever quit. It's not in my nature. But, I didn't mean much by that quip. I was just trying to get your stubborn backside out of that turret." He grinned at her as he snapped the toolbox shut. "Worked, didn't it?"

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