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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
I was always thinking that Maybe the trust and close friendly relationship between Cody and ObiWan works both ways. Subconsciously Cody is trying to help ObiWan so he send less than effective firepower to hunt down his former friend.

Remember, that some clone units would go as far as protecting the Jedis rather than executing order 66.

In the end it is a win-win situation.
Yes, like in the Vader novel where the jedi (forgot his name) is actually saved by his commandos. Perhaps the commanders, like Cody, had more individuality left than the normal clones (at least enough for his friendship to take some place). Of course that's all speculation and we'll never know.

When people say that some Jedi, like Ki Adi Mundi, died too easily, they forget that they really did not expect to get shot by their own soldiers. Even a Jedi with uber reflexes and all would be stunned for a moment to see the soldiers he fought with for months turn against him.

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