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Latch clambered out of his turret and made his way back into the common room. He'd heard the chatter over the comm between Arelyn and Jyot and couldn't help grinning at the Mistryl's stubborness and the engineer's manipulative flirtatiousness. His friend certainly did know how to push people's buttons.

He spotted Arelyn, Jyot and Alec in the corridor for her turret and was about to trot over when something large and shiny hovered into view in front of him. "Undesignated bounty Lachlan Vax," Zip addressed him in that irritating monotone, "you accounted for only two of eight confirmed kills in the recent altercation. How do you explain your lack of efficiency?"

Latch resisted the overwhelming urge to shove the droid in the trash compactor. "I can't help it if Arelyn and Kuun got luckier than I did," he replied silkily.

"Luck had nothing to do with it. Your skills are sub-nominal." Zip extended his probe. "Perhaps I should neutralize you and search for a new gunner who is more efficient."

"Give it a rest, Zip," Latch sighed, shoving the droid away hard enough to make Zip careen softly into a bulkhead. It made a noise of utter indignance, then puttered away. Latch shook his head, then finally made his way over to the now-crowded corridor. "Sub-nominal, my foot," he muttered.
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