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Originally Posted by Undying_Jedi
can anyone help me with this problem?
I downloaded several mods from filefront and a few of them included TSLPatcher as easy installation. those include Jedi Temple on Coruscant, HK Factory Reconstructed, and New Force Powers. the problem is that whenever i click the install mod it says "An unhandled Error Occurred!"
Without knowing more exactly how you do things it's impossible to say what could be wrong. A few things:
  1. Do you extract the downloaded mod to a folder on your harddrive or are you trying to run the installer from within a zip file?
  2. If you extract the mod files, to where do you extract them?
  3. If you extracted them from ZIP files did you preserve the folder structure within the archive? (WinZip has a nasty habit of flattening the folder hierarchy within an archive if you just drag and drop files out from it.)
  4. Does your user account on the computer have write access to the KOTOR/TSL game folder?
  5. When does that message occur? Directly when you start the installer? When you click the "Install" button in the installer? Some time during the installation process?
  6. If you get to the start if the installation process did you select the correct destination folder if asked? It should be the KOTOR/TSL game folder, not the override folder.

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