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A fairly large update today. First off, we have a new staff member, Adthrawn. He is a mapper, and is currently working on the Tatooine land map, so welcome to the team Adthrawn.

We have also reopened beta applications. If you would like to be a beta tester, email (subject: Beta Tester ) with your application, or post in this thread. Please follow the format of the example application in that thread. applications will stay open until Thrawn's Revenge: Empire of the Hand reaches beta stage, which isn't that far away.

Next, the renders. The skins on the MC80 wingless type, MC90 and MC80b are all placeholders until we can finish the final skins for them, as it is they are editted versions of the Mon Calamari Cruiser that is in EaW. Also, the Ascendancy has been redone (see below) we all greatly prefer this version to the old one.

We are also in need of another mapper or two. If you are interested in the position, post here with examples of your work.

Lastly, Nezill has made another wallpaper and signature.

and the wallpaper can be found in the media page.

-Yub Squadron
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