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The Scimitar entered the planets atmosphere and flew over the Nar Shaddaa’s Corellian district. It flew to a little private landing pad just on the district’s edge, It began to land on next several other small freighter and fighters.

As the ship touched down its landing pad began to extend, the whole crew walked out wit the prisoners in front of them and towards a group of uniformed men. Tannis walked around the prisoners and towards the group of men, he walked over to one of the men and shook his hand.

“So did you have any trouble during transport?” The man asked.

“Ran into a few of the Tiss’shar’s friends but they only accomplished becoming apart of the debris field.” Tannis explained.

“Ok. We’ll take the prisoners from here, you can collect your credits from the cantina.”

“Thanks.” Alec replied as the uniformed men grabbed the three-cuffed aliens and dragged them into the back of a nearby speeder. Tannis then turned around to the crew. “Ok here’s how it’ll work. Jyot and me will head to Carmen’s and meet her to get our pay, Arelyn there’s a med center to pads down, Set up an account and I’ll settle it once we got the creds. The rest o you guys got 2 hours shore time, enjoy it, go with Arelyn, or come with us.”
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