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Jyot grinned and greedily rubbed his hands together. "Yes! Carmen's cantina...," he said dreamily. "Can't wait to see what's on the menu tonight. Maybe I'll try a red this time... no, no, a brunette, or maybe a blonde or..." He caught the captain's eye, and noticed that Tannis was starting to look a little cross about Jyot's future dating plans. Jyot paused, then swallowed. "...or not."

He sighed. "Oh, c'mon, Cap'n," he pleaded with Tannis. "We did good this time, didn't we? We brought in the bounties, alive I might add; and despite the battle we just had, the ship's in pretty good condition." He leaned casually against the wall, and just as he did so, something 'clanged' in engineering, most likely nothing more serious than a loose tool falling to the deck. "Mostly good condition," Jyot ammended. "Don't we deserve just a little fun?" His expression brightened. "I'll let you take first crack this time. I swear."

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