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"Once a Corellian, always a Corellian," Shyla answered, her chin rising in near-defiance. "Even blacklisted, if a cry for aid goes out, we go home if we can. Eki's no different. He may have been offered all kinds of promotions and whatnot, but to stay available to Corellia, the easiest path is CorSec."

The ship came to life with a few faint rattles and hissing noises. She switched on an intercom and inquired, "Artie, how are things looking? We ready?"

Confirmation came in beeps and whistles and Shyla grinned up at Ferod. "Okay, that's it then. Here we go."

The freighter lifted gently off the landing platform and spun slowly to face the exit, into space. Taking great care not to bump into anything on the way out, Shyla directed the ship out and away from the station. She flicked a couple of makeshift controls, put there only recently to control the docking mechanism they'd installed to provide a place for the ARC-170.

"Docking mechanism set to receive," she said. "Soon as your friend has the ship docked up there, we can go... hold on... she's not riding up there the entire trip, is she?"

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