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Just on a side note, why are you going so heavily into the direction of making the Rebels and Imperials similar?
For example, Imperials get buildable fighters, better fighters (Gunboat and TIE advanced) and raid fleets. The Rebels get a (relatively small) dreadnought and Star Destroyers (!), however to balance this the Imperials get a Dreadnought of the exact same size and cost (the "Praetor").
I liked it that in the original EAW, the Empire had cheap but worse-than-their-Rebel-counterpart fighters on the one hand and some extremely elite but expensive fighters (TIE defender) on the other hand. It seemed to fit them that they primarily had to care about their cap ships while being able to waste their fighter/bomber squad.
IMO both the raid fleet and Hyperdrive-equipped fighters should remain (mostly) exclusive to the Rebels, just to represent that they were not a second Empire, but had a totally different style of warfare.

Btw. I do hope I'm not sounding too negative - I really really like this mod; tech diversity and alternative ways of money-making, buildable & upgradable heroes and different space structures and of course making a Star Destroyer worthy of its name are all things I greatly enjoy - there are just small issues with the diversity of the factions as well as the general balancing I am ATM a little worried about
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