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Lightbulb Battlefront 3 concept

I would suggest some type of space vehicle that could swoop down on land and kill everyone near a command post for example. This could make a command post capture easy, but it would make keeping it harder.

The squad commands DEFINITELY need an upgrade, for instance commands like "charge" or "guard" or maybe even "capture nearest command post" or "form a squad".

Also the droids need some remodeling in the weapons area, maybe they could show the weapons used in the film, like the MagnaGuard Electrostaff.

There should also be heroes that have AI and go out into the battlefield killing everything that moves.

There could be a couple more maps like Geonosis. There could also be Bespin Cloud City and the Naboo Palace, along with the Naboo Gungan Battle and some enlarged ship interiors.

Capital ships should have a purpose for their systems, like if you destroy life support the ship is destroyed, if you destroy the ship engines the ship stops moving, if you destroy the sensors the ship guns stop firing and if you destroy the communications the ships become disorganized. It's stuff like this that makes the game fun.

Space battles should not be focused around two C.S. There should be an entire battlefield of ships fighting ships. That way it is not simply picking up a bomber, destroying C.S. systems and woohoo you've won.

As for flight, jet troopers, dark troopers and especially Geonosians shouldn't have a short flight limit. Come on, wings that run out of fuel??!

Command Posts should have some defenses like walls and turrets and maybe a few mines here and there.

After you choose your class, you should be presented with an armory of weapons and armor suitable for that class, for instance, I have selected a Clone Trooper. I am now presented with:


Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Ion Rifle, Disruptor Rifle, Wrist Blades


Clone Trooper Standard Armor, Assault Armour, Heavy Assault Armor, Heavy Armor, Blaster Absorption Armour


Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Gas Grenade


Gas Mine, Plasma Mine, Sonic Mine, Frag Mine.
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