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"It seems as if Ms. Odnova and our yet-unnamed party have something to discuss," the lips spoke, still singsong.

Kimber turned her head to look down the corridor down which Tysyacha and the mechanic had disappeared just moment earlier. "Apparently so," she murmured to Lane.

She was confused about what had just happened, but being as she didn't yet know the crew that well, she pushed aside the temptation to go and find out what her new captain and the enigmatic engineer were doing. As gregarious as she was, it certainly didn't seem polite to be nosy at the present moment. With a shuddering and dismissive shake of her head, she turned back to console, taking time to familiarize herself with the controls.

"I wonder how long he will go without a name. Names are quite important to have." The eyes glanced at Kimber, a sudden seriousness flashing through them.

Kim nodded. "And, for some, a name can be quite the private thing to disclose," she replied. "I mean, a personal name can not only denote someone's planet of origin or social status, but in some cases, their entire family's history. Perhaps he has something to hide." She paused for a moment, trying to gauge what reason the near-human had for choosing an alias. "As for me," she continued, "I've never had anything to hide about my family. Quitaan's an old and well-respected name on Corellia, goes back centuries. And as I'm quite proud of my Corellian heritage, there's really no reason for me to go by anything other than Kimber Quitaan."

She glanced askance at Lane. "So, why did you choose 'Lane' as your name?" she asked cautiously. "Any particular reason? Special significance? Or did you just like the sound of it?"

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