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Originally Posted by Darth Loner
I would suggest some type of space vehicle that could swoop down on land and kill everyone near a command post for example. This could make a command post capture easy, but it would make keeping it harder.
SWBF1 had the sniper turret that could be used to call in a strike from some orbiting ship. They got rid of it in SWBF2 because of all the spamming of the strike turret I assume.

Originally Posted by Darth Loner
The squad commands DEFINITELY need an upgrade, for instance commands like "charge" or "guard" or maybe even "capture nearest command post" or "form a squad".
Yea.. they were better in SWBF1. But then they released Republic Commando and I guess seen no use for it in SWBF2. They are still there in PC version of SWBF2. Depends on what you're trying to do.. In space mode, getting in a shuttle and pressing "F4" loads the shuttle up with AI. Asking for supplies via "F6" ("MEDIC!") will usually encourage engineers to drop supplies for ya.

Originally Posted by Darth Loner
Also the droids need some remodeling in the weapons area, maybe they could show the weapons used in the film, like the MagnaGuard Electrostaff.

There could be a couple more maps like Geonosis. There could also be Bespin Cloud City and the Naboo Palace, along with the Naboo Gungan Battle and some enlarged ship interiors.
It seems to me that giving the Magna Guard a Magna Staff in SWBF2 was a natural.. I don't know why they didn't do it. I believe there are mod maps available for PC that allows for this with the Magna guard. There are definitely maps that include Bespin City and other maps at GAMETOAST. For PC anyway...

Originally Posted by Darth Loner
Capital ships should have a purpose for their systems, like if you destroy life support the ship is destroyed, if you destroy the ship engines the ship stops moving, if you destroy the sensors the ship guns stop firing and if you destroy the communications the ships become disorganized. It's stuff like this that makes the game fun.

Space battles should not be focused around two C.S. There should be an entire battlefield of ships fighting ships. That way it is not simply picking up a bomber, destroying C.S. systems and woohoo you've won.
In SWBF2, in single player mode, it is essentially ships fighting other ships.. frigates etc... But even in multiplayer mode there is some limited fighting going on between them. With Capital Ships if you knock out the auto-turret defenses.. the guns do stop.. not from the frigates but from the CS... if you take out the shields.. the shields go down making the other systems vulnerable from the outside. Knocking out the engines is kind of a moot point because the capital ships don't move.. just the frigates. but I would agree that purpose for Life Support and engines would be a nice addition.

Adding the ability to outfit your character might be nice. But there's a lot of variables to take into account when you add that kind of feature into a game.

I'd be happy with whatever they come up with I guess. I'd REALLY like to see STABLE online game play. Lag is way too much of a problem in the PC version of SWBF2 no matter how fast your connection or how souped up the computer your using. I'd like to see myself hit someone on my screen and indeed they are hit in the game... repeatedly... consistant.. no lag.

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