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Pilots of The Rebel Alliance

Star Wars
Storm Front

The rebel alliance struck itís first fatal blow against
the tyrannical Empire by destroying itís newest super
weapon, The Death Star. News spread across all the
worlds of the galaxy and support quickly grew to the
Rebellionís cause.

Two years after the destruction of the Death Star a new
class of star ship was stolen by the rebels. The ship
was a new highly advanced stealth cruiser with two large
hanger decks that the Rebellion filled with itís own fighter
craft. Now the rebellion can strike the Empire with a force
of fighters anywhere in the galaxy.

Mothmaís Arrow rested in orbit around an uncharted planet within the mid rim. The Ship had dropped out of hyperspace when they started experiencing problems with cloaking device. They had been hiding out of the empires regular patrol routes while the mechanics attempted to fix it.

Captain Thray walked across the Hanger deck and over to his fighter, he looked over the ship and stroked his hand across itís side. It had been his fighter since he was first given an X-wing after the battle Yavin and it had served him well, many TIE fighters had been destroyed by itís guns. The last month it had been given a new paint job, blue stripes replaced the old red ones and the hurricane symbol planted on one wing. His fighter would be like a Hurricane, destroying every Imperial who cared to get in his way.

Thray had been on Mothmaís Arrow longer than most of the crew as he was apart of the party that had liberated it from imperial hands and after that he was charged with its protection for the months it took for the engineers to convert it for rebellion use.

Xander sat on an ammo crate a deck hand had left on the floor by Hurricane 1 and he began to look at his wedding ring. He had not taken it off since the day he heard of Alderaanís destruction, a constant reminder of his love for his family and why he was going to kill every Imperial he could while he still lived.
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