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Kimber took a moment to consider. Odd, she thought to be asked by someone she had just met if she liked an alias name or not. "Yeah," she said after a moment. "I guess I like it well enough. It's simple, short, and easy to say. A bit ambiguous, but..." She eyed Lane over, and then grinned. " seems to suit you."

She flipped a button on the control panel, bringing up the nav charts. "So, you're a scout, right? You must know, like I do, some of the 'pit stops' that aren't on the standard nav charts. While our captain is away, let's fill in a bit of our charts, shall we? It might save us some time later."

She punched in some co-ordinates for an apparent empty space on the chart. "Novafront," she said, entering from memory the basic information for the new planet entry. "Or at least that's what the locals called it. See, I've got some of the co-ordinates memorized for the places we went to in the Unknown Regions, but they're all in relation to known worlds. Like Corellia. And not just because it's my home world, but because it's got a lot of hyperspace lane intersections." Her eyes quickly flicked from the console to Lane. "So, where's your home planet?" she asked casually.

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