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New X-Wing game??

Yes, I know we have all been crying out for a new game for a LONG time and that various petitions have been submitted to LucasArts, but there may be a new way to get noticed. Totally Games, the developers behind the series have now got a forum on the site, with an X-Wing series area. In there are two thread already asking for a new game to be produced. Remarkably, they actually check their forum, and here is one reply by one of the original X-Wing series developers:

"Some of the original team is still around, though most of them have moved on to other companies or out of the games industry altogether. However, Larry Holland is still here and that's the important part, since he's the vision behind the series. Of the people that worked on any of the Star Wars games, only Larry, Robin, myself, and Kevin remain.

I'd love to work on another Star Wars space sim if the opportunity presented itself. But that is not for us to decide, unfortunately. The game market for space sims have dried up and with it the money.

Albert Mack
Lead Programmer, Totally Games"

Go sign up at the forum and add your comments about getting a new game started and show them there is a market for a new space sim!
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