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The lips paused, not answering Kimber's question immediately. They parted, as if ready to speak, then closed again. The mismatched eyes closed and the thin, small nose took a deep breath. "I do not have a planet to call 'home'," the lips finally said, a bit quieter than before. "I do not recall much of my youth, but the little that I do tells me I was born in space."

Lane's thin fingers alighted on the Ebon Hawk's console, quietly typing. A holographic display of the galaxy sprang up, similar to the one in the common room. At Lane's touch, the display zoomed in on a section of the Inner Rim. "The first reliable memories I have are of this area," the lips spoke as the hands gestured. "But it does not feel like home." The fingers manipulated the controls a little bit more, focusing the display out of the Inner Rim and resettling it on the border between the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions. The lips parted, again as if about ready to speak, but as before, they closed without saying anything.
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