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I think desert combat may be the best example of this. Sure they could have just given some of the heles the 2 pilot postions and said done, but they didnt. Instead, you can park your sexy Iraqi but onto the side and not even have to go through the stress that is wingsurfing(and hiding from the MPs so you dont get a stupid ticket). And they could have made the bradley a 1 person vehicle like the tanks, but instead, its a APC of death dealing. Not to mention that you can see the others and the sexy legs of the gunner while sitting in the inside. But what would be even cooler is if when hit by a rocket, instead of everyone dieing, assuming it hits the outside, it blows a hole giving you the choice of opening the back door to not be in the firing line of enemies but possibly getting hit by another rocket while still inside, or running out the hole and hopping there isnt anyone waiting for you outside.

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