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I personally believe that Wikipedia is a horrible concept. Since anyone can alter the information on the board, the chances of obtaining biased opinions are very high. The college I go to has banned Wikipedia from report references, college computers, etc... At the beginning of class each year, the college has made it a policy to inform the students. According to several of the professors, students have been getting false information from Wikipedia. During the last semester, several students wrote inaccurate reports that were similar. When they were asked where they got the information, they all said they looked to Wikipedia. We had a massive epidemic of Wikipedia usage one year, and the professors held a emergancy meeting. They descided to ban the usage of Wikipedia, and then they did a study on its accuracy. It turned out that Wikipedia is only correct about 35% of the time. Take it for what it is worth. If the information you are looking at doesn't come from a library, educational system, or a book encyclopedia, you are most likely looking at biased information. Thus, Wikipedia is not a good resource.

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