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As Kimber examined the area on the galaxy map that Lane was showing her, she asked, "So, does that place feel like home then?" She racked her brain. "As I remember, and don't hold me to this, but... I think there was a planetary system about..." She pointed to a particular spot. "...there. Binary system, six planets, two habitable--one temperate, and the other icy, cold and rocky." She frowned slightly. "Although, it could be there, too," she pointed to another spot slightly away from her first guess.

She looked at Lane. "Are you familiar with that sector? Last time I was there, we were doing survey work for some Republic archaeologists. Daft people," she added, with a roll of her eyes. "Always thinking that they're 'discovering' something new, when really they're just uncovering something that been there for thousands of years."

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