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Noelle M'si strode into the mess hall, a towel around her neck. She rubbed her damp hair absentmindedly as she approached the counter. Smiling at the galley worker, she greeted, "Good morning, Grembae!"

The elderly woman behind the counter returned the younger's smile. "Good morning to you, Noelle," she replied. "You're very bright and chipper today."

"Of course," Noelle said. "Is there any reason I wouldn't be?"

Grembae chuckled. "Hopefully any such reason will never come to pass," she told the young Rebel pilot. In her many years serving the Rebellion, she'd never come across a soldier who was as happy and upbeat as Noelle. The cheery brunette almost always had a smile across her pretty face and never seemed to be depressed about much at all. "Can I talk you into trying out some Tarisian pancakes today?" she asked Noelle. "Maybe with some nerf milk?"

Noelle continued dabbing at her hair with the towel. "No, though that does sound delectable. Just the usual for me, please."

Grembae sighed as she reached over to place a tray in front of Noelle. On it sat a protein bar and a glass of water. The older woman sighed. "No wonder you keep that figure of yours so slim," she said, looking Noelle up and down.

"I try," Noelle replied, blushing a little as she picked up her tray. "Have a great day, Grembae!"

"You too," Grembae called out as Noelle headed off.

She chose a seat next to the long viewport overlooking the planet surface. Settling down into her seat, she was about to take a bite of her protein bar when the doors to the mess hall swooshed open and admitted a fellow pilot of hers, Second Lieutenant Cole Carithlee. Putting her food down, she waved her arm and called out, "Oy, Cole! Want to come eat with me?"
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