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Both XvT (and the BoP expansion) and XWA are currently supported through a server called 'Errant Venture', most of the old clans still play the BSC events such as Week of War etc there. Even if you just fancy a quick game with some friends its worth checking out. Like the Zone it has a main room chat facility, private room setup for gamin with independant chat, rooms can be passworded for privacy and it auto launches the game for all players when the host selects start.

For more inof on where to download the EV programme, how to install it and use it etc, check out
or if you do not want to register with another site, then the following provides info etc about where to start along with links to the required downloads and patches:

Hope this helps anyone wanting to play online, and please pass word of the EV along to all interested XvT and XWA players.
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